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Chinese Ma Li-Ping Level 1-7


6 and up


Students who wish to take this class have to be Mandarin-speakers who can understand and speak fluent Mandarin. Students are required to finish homework assignments, which will be given each week. Daily practice with the CD is necessary. A final quiz will be given at the end of each quarter. In order to move on to the next higher level, students have to pass the final exam at end of the school year.

Class duration

For each level, there are 30 lessons in total, 10 lessons/quarter, 1 lesson/week, 115 minutes/lesson.

Material needed

CD, lesson book, exercise book, and a set of flash cards. (Materials are available at school. $50 in total).


This course is carefully designed by Dr. Ma Li-Ping of Stanford. The class instruction is given in all Mandarin. Approximately 320 Chinese characters will be taught through 30 lessons in each level.

For more details regarding this program please visit Dr. Ma Li-Ping's website.

暨南大学教材 vs. 马立平教材: see 海外中文教材比较

毕业于斯坦福教育学院的马立平博士,通过在海外近十年亲自教学实验中,经过无数次修改逐步研发的。学制为一年三个学期,每学期十周。学生主要是来自中国大陆的新移民子女, 以教授简体字为主。

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