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Martial Art


5 and Up


No previous experience needed.

Class Duration

10 lessons/quarter, 1 lesson/week, 55minutes/lesson.


Coach Roger 若杰 is a current member of the United States Wushu Team where he competes in China at the World Kung Fu Championships. He is a current coach at Summit Wushu Academy and has over 20 years of experience practicing and teaching Wushu. Coach Roger has won multiple Wushu medals at both international and regional martial arts tournaments. His specialties include Staff (Stick/Gunshu), Longfist (Changquan), Broadsword (Daoshu), and Tongbei Quan (White Monkey Fist). Outside of Wushu, Roger works as an Actuary/Mathematician in Portland; he is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (FSA). j

Class Goals and Concepts

  • Fitness and Health: Martial arts exercises the brain as well as the body. Learning muscles are developed and maintained just as muscle tissue is. Each class focuses on a variety of different drills (and sometimes games) that increase flexibility, endurance and coordination.
  • Improvement Skills: Our program produces improved awareness, flexibility and motor skills through various exercises, drills and games.
  • Builds Confidence and Confront: Your martial arts training will increase your ability to confront and overcome obstacles and situations that are not familiar or comfortable to deal with.
  • Important Lessons: Our classes stress the importance of the responsibility that comes with learning martial arts. Students are not allowed to practice martial arts elsewhere, except during class or at home during adult supervision. Reports of students horse playing at school or on the playground or any incident where a student uses martial arts to abuse or bully another individuals can result in suspension from class and even the loss of rank.
  • Provide structured classes so that the students learn to succeed in an atmosphere that is fun and enjoyable while following the rules.
  • 中华数千年的文明,孕育了无数璀璨夺目的文化精品,灿灿生辉的武术就是人类智慧的结晶。在泱泱功夫大世界里,少林武术作为武术中的一颗明珠,一直闪烁着耀眼的光芒。其博大精深的内涵,神奇奥妙的技艺,使五洲豪杰为之敬仰,使八方精英为之叫绝. 学习少林武术不仅何以健身防身,培养海外儿童对中华文化的兴趣, 领略中华文化深远的精神境界, 更可以让下一代承袭中华文化的深厚底蕴.

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